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​IP consulting

​Spot type

We will provide cutting-edge and advanced IP strategies and concentrate and strengthen your company's IP activities.

We provide intellectual property strategies that maintain competitive advantage and support intellectual property activities that encourage the use of intellectual property...

We provide IP strategies that increase corporate value and design sustainable IP activities.

* The service content (IP activity support) is almost the same as the IP activity support of "IP Advisor".

* As a spot-type service, we will focus on short-term and medium-term services by responding to specific details according to scale, nature, and situation.

* If you carry out "IP Consulting", you will be able to smoothly transition to "IP Advisor".

​Main service contents

Short-term / medium-term IP activity support

​We support all IP activities related to your IP department.

:​ This is a new type of support not found in traditional patent offices.

​Application support

We provide strategic support from search to acquisition of rights in application-related business such as patents, designs, and trademarks.

Management system​ support

We provide optimal support for IP management, IP reports, office evaluation, organizational management, etc. in IP management-related work.

​Public relations support

We will provide the best support from your company's standpoint from the initial action to the closing of intellectual property rights disputed business.

​Planning support

In planning-related work that is a business planning function​ We will provide necessary support for the IP department in the future, such as planning and executing IP strategies.

​* Service provision method

​Email, phone, web conference, interview, report, etc.


​(tax included)

​* Free initial consultation fee

​* Regular agent fees such as application fees will be charged separately.

​S plan

​"Highest level" IP consulting

​​ In order to increase corporate value, we will intensively strengthen our intellectual property activities by using cutting-edge and advanced intellectual property strategies.

Price: 2.2 million yen ~

Follow 44,000 yen / hour


Telephone / web conference


Short-term resident possible

​Customized plan

​"Characteristically tailored" intellectual property activities

We will support IP activities according to your company's situation and characteristics.

Fee: Determined by consultation

Contents: Determined by consultation

Please contact us

​A plan

"Winning the competition" IP consulting

In order to win the competition, we will support intellectual property activities that maintain a competitive advantage by using an intellectual property strategy that suits the nature of the industry.

Price: 1.1 million yen ~

Follow 55,000 yen / hour

Content: Email

Telephone / web conference


​B plan

”​ Optimal "IP Consulting"

We will design the optimal intellectual property strategy according to the external and internal environment according to your company's situation and support appropriate intellectual property activities.

Price: From 550,000 yen

Follow 66,000 yen / hour


Telephone / web conference


​First plan

​"Activate" intellectual property activities

It eliminates waste, suppresses necessary points, and activates intellectual property activities in a short period of time.

Price: 110,000 yen ~

Follow 44,000 yen / hour

Content: Email

Telephone / web conference

* Startups, ventures, and SMEs only


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