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Satoshi Inui  Hiko
INUI Tomohiko

After working at a domestic patent office (Ozaki Patent Office, Sugiyama / Kimura International Patent Office), he became an industry-leading heavy industry manufacturer (IHI Co., Ltd.), cosmetics manufacturer (Shiseido Co., Ltd.), and daily necessities manufacturer (Daio Paper Co., Ltd.). In the corporate intellectual property department in a wide range of fields, I have been involved in the planning and execution of intellectual property strategies from the standpoint of a manager / player as an in-house patent attorney.

Intellectual property strategies continue to change as businesses and technologies change, and there are major differences in each industry (technical field). However, even intellectual property specialists such as patent attorneys have little knowledge about corporate IP strategies and their changes.

Utilizing your knowledge and experience, your companyAs an IP advisor , we will become an external IP department and provide optimal IP strategies through IP consulting . With " Intellectual property and smiles " as our office philosophy, we will become a family patent attorney who is close to your company and will do our utmost to support your company.

Professionals with a career in corporate IP department & patent office

Patent attorney specializing in IP strategy

Representative Patent Attorney (Registration No. 18710)
Appendix of Specified Infringement Litigation Agency Business
[Articles related to IP strategy]
[Main public office]
​  Vice Chairman, Patent Committee, Japan Patent Attorneys Association 2022
​  Japan Patent Attorneys Association Intellectual Property Management Center Member 2022
  Japan Patent Attorneys Association Patent Committee Member 2018-2021
  Member of the Design Committee of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association 2015, 2017
  Japan Patent Attorneys Association ADR Promotion Organization Member 2016-2019
​  Tokyo Customs General Intellectual Property Investigator 2020-2022
Patent Vol.68, 2015.12
Patent Vol.69, 2016.4
 Patent Vol.73,2020.8
 Patent Vol.74,2021.6
Patent Vol.71, 2018.8
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