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anything​ Intellectual property consultation

It eliminates the lonely situation that is common in startups, ventures, and small and medium-sized enterprises, where you cannot consult with anyone .

If you want an expert opinion / a second opinion , feel free to contact us .

​We will respond to various intellectual property problems such as requesting experts to give their opinions at meetings to persuade the company .

* The number of consultations is high, the content of the question is very specialized, etc.In that case, we recommend "IP Advisor".

​Main service contents

​Intellectual property consultation for anything

​Feel free to consult with us about all matters related to intellectual property.

​* Service provision method

​Email, phone, web conference, document, etc. (depending on plan / case)


​(tax included)

​* Costs will be billed together after a specified number of times or after a certain period of time.

​* Regular agent fees such as appraisals will be charged separately.

​S plan

”​ All intellectual property troubled "consultation"

We will solve all in-house troubles, including irregular worries such as in-house persuasion. It is also possible to create simple documents.

Price: 5,500 yen / Consultation items ~

(Up to 5 answers)

* Depends on the content

* Email <Telephone <Web conference

Contents: Email, phone, web conference

Document preparation such as documents

​A plan

"Feel free & specialized" IP consultation

Even if you have a highly specialized problem, you can feel free to consult with us when you have a problem. It also supports a second opinion.

Price: 3,300 yen / Consultation items ~

(Up to 3 answers)

* Depends on the content

* Email <Telephone <Web conference

Contents: Email, phone, web conference ​​

​B plan

"most​ Feel free to consult with IP

You can feel free to consult with us within the free range, and you can resolve the situation.

Fee: Free (up to 1 answer)

Content: Email

* It may take some time to answer.

* If the number of times is large or the content is highly specialized, you may be asked to change to a paid plan (we will inform you to that effect).


Thank you for sending

If you do not receive a reply within 3 business days, please contact us again.

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